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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where does the time go?

Yikes! It's been almost a month since my last post and so much has happened that I hardly know where to begin. Here are the highlights:

My birthday was awesome because it was spent with 6 people who made it special in every way.

Father's Day was awesome for the same reason...and Dad got a kayak which will be a blast for both Mom and Dad. I'm a crafty gift giver....we're hoping for quality time in the middle of a lake in New Hampshire this summer.

The end of the school year brought moving on ceremonies and awards. Max finished 5th grade with high marks and an award in Physical Education. Kate captured high honors and an English award for the second year in a row. Madiyar also took high honors and Aniyar got an English award. Our Tanya worked hard all year and finished 6th grade with a perfect score on her final English project. She also had a great season in Little League softball and was chosen for the All-Star team. We couldn't be more proud of our kids.

Now for the biggest surprise! We were informed that the house we had hoped to buy previously was again on the market and the bank was willing to consider an offer from us. We made a lower offer than our original one and it was accepted...so in about another month, we will own another house. We've continued to spruce up this house in preparation for putting it back on the market again. We think the new kitchen will make our house more marketable so we're hoping for a good return on our investment.

Max's birthday is the next big event. We'll head to New Hampshire on July 9th, his 13th birthday, for a week of vacation. Another teenager...

When it comes to kids, five is a very big number...but it is also a good one. I'm a lucky woman.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

In a few hours, I'll be another year older...but will I be wiser than I was today? I don't much love birthdays at this point in my life but wisdom would be useful. I wake up each day hoping for more wisdom...and patience...and a crystal ball to help me negotiate the twists and turns of each day.

This morning, for example, I opened my eyes when my sweet spouse brought me a perfect latte...and the news that our youngest child had been up since 5:30 and was already sulking in his bed after a disagreement with Dad. I groggily checked the clock and determined that we had 30 minutes to set things right before the bus came to transport our boy to school. I stumbled out of bed and found our youngest huddled in his top bunk; he was cross and unrepentant but willing to accept a hug from Mom. He was unable to see how his behavior had been unacceptable...and trust me, it was...but due to a screw up with our mail order pharmacy, we've run out of his most vital medication and the lack of it is beginning to show. Our boy is struggling and the meds are somewhere in the mail...so now we dance, we cajole, we do what we can to keep life on a even keel. We were lucky today...our boy was able to pull himself together and go to school. He also had a good evening and a fun game of pick-up sticks with Mom. He's come so far, my special boy.

A nice birthday present would be the meds we need...but the best present is what I already have...my family, my life, each day's adventure.