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Monday, June 17, 2013

So many milestones!

Headed to Senior prom with her besties

We've been awash in important events this past week and emotions have been running high. Our Kate attended her senior prom, participated in Senior Week activities at her school, went on a Senior class trip to Six Flags, and then celebrated her graduation from High School this past Friday night. At one point during the ceremonies, my DH leaned over and whispered to me, "I just saw it...she's not a girl anymore. She looks like a young woman now." Yes, Dad...she went and grew up on us while we weren't looking. Where did the years go? Lots of smiles and tears, lots of memories...and now it's on to the next chapter in our girl's young woman's life.

This morning, when all the other kids headed out the door to school, Kate headed off to work. She has a part time job nannying for one of her former teachers, will be working 5-6 hours a day for the next few weeks. Welcome to adulthood, my KT!

Friday evening---our high school graduate

Saturday morning--our college freshman/working girl

Allow me to brag...this girl of mine graduated second in her class. The gold stole around her neck shows her membership in National Honor Society. She also received a $500.00 scholarship from the parent-teacher organization at her school in recognition of her academic success, her service to school and community, and her character. We couldn't be more proud!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

I celebrated a milestone birthday this past week...not thrilled about the getting old(er) thing but it beats the alternative. In any case, my fab family made my day special and I want to thank them all. There were sweet presents and cards. The table was set and the dining area decorated by Aniyar and Max with Dad's help. Tanya sang me a special birthday song. Dinner was Risotto with Shrimp and Asparagus prepared by Kate. Madiyar took me out to lunch and is also taking me to a movie this weekend. My kitchen will be glammed up as a gift, too...Craig has ordered the copper backsplash tiles I've been dreaming of for the past 2 years. The tiles will be installed behind my stove by my DH...so exciting! Our dear friends came in to help me blow out my candles and brought me a wonderful gift basket filled with some of my favorite goodies. I'm a lucky woman!

Of course, we all have our shortcomings and the fact that I hate having my picture taken is one of mine. I prefer to be the one wielding the camera at family events and my family knows it. On this birthday, they all were complaining that I never let them take pictures of me...something about when I die, they won't have any photos to remember me by. Sigh...OK, here's my birthday selfie taken for my kids. I hope you always remember Mom's silly side...now no more photos until next year.

All my love, Mom

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to celebrate 20 years of marriage...

Gone are the days of romantic dinners, gazing into each others' eyes, and murmuring sweet nothings as we reflect on the day we were wed. Forget that second honeymoon, too. Let's be real, folks. We have 5 teenagers and a boatload of too much to do every day. On our actual wedding anniversary, we were both so flat out busy that we were lucky to manage an exchange of greeting cards at bedtime shortly before falling into a coma. The closest we got to a romantic dinner was a casserole of pork chops and sauerkraut that we ate in shifts as we took turns taxiing the kids from one activity to another. Not like the old days when Craig would make homemade pasta for his honey or I would spend hours making Thai recipes for my sweetheart....you know, the days before kids. Ah, well, we wouldn't trade any of them for a million candlelit dinners!

We have to be a little creative these days to get quality time alone together and that's what we did this past weekend. We ran away from home for a blissful 6 hours! What deliciously decadent thing did we do with our time? First, we ate lunch...in a real restaurant...one that didn't have a drive thru window. Then we went someplace dark and cozy...the IMAX movie theater. We saw the perfect anniversary film: the new Star Trek movie. (After all, our life is one epic adventure with aliens. Don't we boldly go where no man has gone before almost every day???). After that, we rounded out our romantic getaway with a trip to Costco and BJ's...just the two of us...heaven.

No worries, honey. I'm sure by our 25th anniversary, we'll have another shot at a second honeymoon!

The monkey turns 16...

The 16 year old

The monkey cake
It's been busy as usual around here...Tanya's birthday, our 20th. anniversary, Memorial Day weekend, end of year academic craziness, preparing for senior prom and an upcoming graduation are just a few highlights.

Our NOLA crew (Kate, Madiyar,and Dad) returned to us safe and sound the day after Tanya's 16th. birthday so she got a two day celebration out of the deal. We did pizza and small gifts on Tanya's actual birthday, then did our traditional family dinner and the rest of her gifts the next evening when the whole family was home. Tanya requested steak for her b-day dinner...so Dad grilled coffee-rubbed London broil and we had roasted potatoes and a Caesar salad...a hit with everyone to be sure. Our girl also wanted a monkey themed cake so that's what I made for her. I think she liked having two days of birthday fun...we may have set a dangerous precedent here because the other kids are now asking if they can have two birthdays. (Ummm...the answer is no, kids.)
Isn't she beautiful in her birthday crown?