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Friday, December 5, 2008

We have news...and for once, it's good

I'm sitting at my computer and the tears are flowing...I've been waiting on pins and needles all morning to hear if our dossier made it to the KZ embassy today and the call from our agency came a little while ago. Our dossier was delivered and reviewed page by page for accuracy. One minor error in page order was discovered and corrected, everything else was deemed accurate and the dossier was accepted for registration and legalization! The even better news is that our courier was told to return on Tuesday, December 9th to pick up our dossier and our travel visas. Sooo...it would appear that we're out of the woods and we will make the judge's deadline after all. We are still aware that there are no guarantees here...but we intend to savor the moment and allow ourselves a little ray of hope.

As for me, I'm thinking of starting a new business when all this is over. Now that I hold the World's Record for dossier preparation, maybe I should go professional...let's see, more paperwork, more apostilles, more waking in a cold sweat...uhhh...never mind.

New plan...spend the weekend buying a Christmas tree, decorating, making a gingerbread train, shopping for gifts for my wonderful family...better, much better. We'll rest a bit, then gear up for the next step on Tuesday when Alma is supposed to get a court date from our judge. The saga continues...


farmbeachgal said...

Omg, Dee, congratulations! If dossier prep is considered a "paper pregnancy", did you just have a preemie?! 8-)

Keep the details comin' girl!

Sandi said...


I don't know how you are doing it, I would have gone crazy by now. We are hoping for great news on Tuesday for all of you. Have a fun this weekend and enjoy all of the holiday fun. Post some pictures of the gingerbread train, I would like to see that. Love and support from the Florida Risleys!

alphamama said...

Hi Sandi--

Thanks so much for your support! It's so nice to get your comments and know you're rooting for us. It's been a fairly maddening process for sure but I'm wicked stubborn when I set my mind to something.

Will post pics of the gingerbread train!

Love to all the Fla fam---Dee