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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sometimes you just have to laugh...

Our son Max is in 5th grade this year and he's finally found something he enjoys studying. He came home from school today full of stories about the Revolutionary War. Like a lot of boys, he thinks tales of war are cool. Today he couldn't wait to tell me about the injustice of taxation without representation and the Boston Tea Party. He also told me about the colonists rising up against tax collectors...this is what he said:

"So, Mom, these guys got mad and didn't want to pay the taxes so they poured wax and chicken fingers on the tax guy. Then they poured tea in his mouth. Don't you think that would hurt?"

Ha!...since I've already passed 5th grade several times, I happen to know it was tar and chicken feathers but Max's image made me chuckle. Tomorrow Max is learning about the Boston Massacre...I can hardly wait to hear his version.

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