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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The monkey turns 16...

The 16 year old

The monkey cake
It's been busy as usual around here...Tanya's birthday, our 20th. anniversary, Memorial Day weekend, end of year academic craziness, preparing for senior prom and an upcoming graduation are just a few highlights.

Our NOLA crew (Kate, Madiyar,and Dad) returned to us safe and sound the day after Tanya's 16th. birthday so she got a two day celebration out of the deal. We did pizza and small gifts on Tanya's actual birthday, then did our traditional family dinner and the rest of her gifts the next evening when the whole family was home. Tanya requested steak for her b-day dinner...so Dad grilled coffee-rubbed London broil and we had roasted potatoes and a Caesar salad...a hit with everyone to be sure. Our girl also wanted a monkey themed cake so that's what I made for her. I think she liked having two days of birthday fun...we may have set a dangerous precedent here because the other kids are now asking if they can have two birthdays. (Ummm...the answer is no, kids.)
Isn't she beautiful in her birthday crown?

1 comment:

Elisa LaSota said...

Happy Birthday Tanya!!! Sweet Sixteen...that's hard
to believe.

Love, Mrs. LaSota