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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

School's out for the summer!

We've had a lot of rain in NH but we've also had awesome rainbows!

The lake has been perfect despite the rain.

The kids FINALLY got out of school last Friday. (Extended year at our charter school, gotta love it most of the time but I was really ready for the last bell this year.) We wasted no time starting the summer fun, we packed up the van and were on the road within an hour after dismissal. We've run away to NH...are currently swimming, hiking, catching up on movies, and NOT doing essays, projects, or anything else that resembles school work. Love it...seriously.

In addition to our newly minted college student, we now have an 8th grader and 3 high school students: a freshman, a sophomore, and a senior. So proud of all of them and I'll post pics and stories soon...but for this week, we're taking a break from academic anything and are just BEING. It feels good.

Last night, we watched the movie "Warm Bodies" and ate too much popcorn. Today, Craig golfed and the kids and I played. My oldest girl and I rowed our inflatable boat in circles and laughed at ourselves because we stink at rowing. My oldest boy towed some of us on a raft into the middle of the lake  and we touched the shark!! (OK, it's just a big rock painted like a shark but we still all get a kick out of achieving the goal.) Tomorrow, we'll do a little tubing, a little swimming, some grilling, and some oohing and ahhing over fireworks. Friday, we'll head home and think about summer jobs, bills, the future, and more...but for now, we'll just enjoy the moment. Love these mountains and the way they soothe my soul.
Late evening walks in the mist are restorative.


Anne Kimball said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!

Hey, can you call me? I can't find your cell number, and I want to see about getting M and J together if we can.

alphamama said...

OK, will do that ASAP. M was asking just this week about getting together with J.