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Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer's end and new beginnings

July and August flew by in a blink and here we are already into September. Just like in summers past, I'm left wondering where the days went and how it all got by us so quickly. This year the feeling is even more pronounced due to the marking of a couple of significant milestones.

First of all, our oldest turned 18 at the end of August. The babe I held in my arms is now legally an adult. She's a bit nervous about all the new responsibilities being legal bestows upon her but she's also excited. The future is now...our baby is all grown up and off to college...another big milestone.
 Here is how our girl celebrated her newly minted adult status. Gotta love her spirit!

Ride 'em, KT!!

1 comment:

Elisa LaSota said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! You are still the unique cowgirl
who wore cowgirl boots in first grade! Drop in and
visit your "old" first grade teacher...would love to see
you now that you are on campus!