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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guess who's been accepted to college?

Yes, it's true! Our oldest son was accepted to Salem State University yesterday. He got the news when he checked his application status online, couldn't wait to tell me. When I found out, I dragged him straight over to the campus for this photo. Don't let the blase pose fool you...he's pretty darn proud of himself, even posted his own announcement on Facebook. As his totally biased Mama, let me brag...3.0 GPA, full acceptance, the strong possibility of playing college lacrosse for the Vikings. He isn't settled on a major yet but is thinking about Sports Management...or Engineering...or English. Not too shabby for a boy who didn't speak a word of English just 5 years ago. Sooo proud of my boy!


Anonymous said...

Congrats.....that's fantastic!

Miss Marissa said...

Go Vikings!! I went to SSU when it was still SSC... he is pretty spectacular!! Give him a big congratulatory hug from me :) :) xoxox

Miss Marissa said...

I went there when it was still SSC. That guy is pretty spectacular!! Please give him a congratulatory hug from me!! and GO VIKINGS!! :) xoxox