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Friday, May 28, 2010

A new kitchen and a new teenager...oh my!

Our kitchen renovation is almost complete and it looks incredible! We still need the new flooring and as well as the new energy efficient window we've ordered. We've finally gotten rid of the blue and white tile backsplash that we never liked and will soon have a snazzy copper backsplash. The tired old cabinets have been refaced in natural cherry and more cabinets have been added; we have a new double sink and a gorgeous new Silestone countertop to replace our scarred and cracked formica one. The oven has been moved to the other side of the kitchen which means that I can now actually open the oven door fully for the first time in 11 years. The trash basket now hides discreetly in a base cabinet, much to our trash-stealing greyhound's chagrin. It was worth the couple of weeks of chaos, microwaved meals, and washing dishes in the bathroom sink. The before, during, and after pics say it all:

In spite of all this mess, we still managed to celebrate Tanya's 13th birthday in style. Dad grilled steak tips and Mom had to buy a cake (our gas oven is still disconnected) but our newest teenager didn't seem to mind. We've been blessed to celebrate 7 birthdays with this sweet girl since she joined our family...she's come a long way from the shy little girl we met in 2003 to the sassy softball starlet she is today. (OK, so I'm a proud mama...she scored a triple in her last game and is now her team's back-up pitcher.)

Here she is on her 7th birthday...but can you recognize her now in this photo of her softball team, the Sea Dogs? I'll give you a hint...in the back row, in the center, big grin...and as she would say, peace out.


Christine said...

Love your new kitchen! Welcome to teen land!

farmbeachgal said...

Dee, your kitchen looks amazing! You must be so happy to have this (almost) done. I know it's been a long time in the wishing stage.
Happy birthday Tanya!

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