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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Secret Admirer?

I got a package in the mail yesterday. It's a box of Jelly Belly candies, a very nice assortment that the kids (now mostly recovered from last week's record-breaking plague) were ready to devour the second the package was opened. It was a nice surprise...and I do mean surprise...because I have no idea who they're from. The package was addressed to me but had no card to tell me who sent it. It came from a company here in Massachusetts but that's all I know. I could call and ask the company who sent the gift...but I like mysteries and would rather figure out who my “secret Valentine” is on my own.
My kids are also having fun speculating on who sent the treat:
  • Tanya thinks that Mom has a boyfriend and is wondering why Dad isn't jealous. 
    • Don't worry, honey...these days, my idea of excitement is a good night's sleep
    • Dad's not the jealous type...and he's sure not going to lose a good night's sleep over Jelly Bellies
  • Max thinks I've been chosen by the company for free samples of candy for life...
    • Note to self...explain the expression "There's no such thing as a free lunch" to Max.
  • Kate has searched the packaging for clues and speculated on possible suspects. 
    • Ever the analytical girl, she's running an investigation that would make NCIS proud.
  • Madiyar was sure Grandma sent it from Florida
  • Aniyar just wants to know how many Jelly Bellies he can eat.
    • Who the heck cares where it came from? It's sugar, let's just eat it!

Can anyone out there give us a clue who to thank? It was very sweet of you! (OK, I know that was cheesy but I couldn't resist...)


Sandi said...

It was Tina Risley. She was trying to figure out what to send you all since her Christmas stuff was messed up with the change of address.


alphamama said...

Thanks, Sandi, for solving the mystery; thanks to Aunt Tina, too, for both the candy and all the fun we had with the mystery!