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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow in October?

I'm so not ready for this...

but like it or not, we have snow. It's enough to cover the ground, bring out the ice scrapers, and send the kids in search of their winter gear. At least we don't live in Central Massachusetts where some places got 2 ft.!

It started last night, covering our cars and coating the flowers still in our window boxes...

Before long, pretty much everything was white. My crazy oldest son ran outside in his bare feet to gather up the first snow of the season...he brought it to me as a gift...crazy but kinda sweet if you ask me.

Time to go shopping for snow boots...sigh.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dee...

HMMMM...this weather is crazy! We got about 10"
here in Merrimac and electricity has been off and
on. Could be worse...we may have had a snow day
in October. That would have been awful! Hope all
is well.

alphamama said...

Hi Elisa!

We're good, except for the snow...but we got a cool snowman and a day of early winter fun. Can't complain...not 10 inches (Yikes!) and the kids loved the change of pace. As for me, I'd like no more snow excitement for a while...