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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Christmas break in pictures...

As promised, here are the pics of our recent revelry during the holidays. First, Christmas at home:
What the living room looked like before the kids got up on Christmas...

What the kids looked like before we turned them loose on the gifts...

Please note the Christmas PJ's matched to personality...

The frenzy began with stockings...
Then we moved onto bigger gifts...and I lost my camera in a sea of wrapping paper.
Found the camera in time to take this pic of our Christmas feast...prime rib...can you see that the roasting pan is empty?

We spent Craig's birthday and New Year's Eve at our place in the White Mountains of New Hampshire:

Max hates to have his picture taken, can you tell?

Dad opening his gifts...

Dad playing with his gifts.
 For New Year's Eve, we took the party outside and built a little fire...
We toasted marshmallows, drank hot chocolate,

 and played light-up frisbee..

And then we made smores!
We danced to music from Kate's cell phone...and the boys started a snowball throwing contest.

This is the victory dance...who's the man??? (And why isn't he wearing a coat?)

We watched the ball drop and drank bubbly stuff.

When it got too cold, we took the party back inside.
Don't let my boy's silly grin fool you...he was only drinking sparkling apple cider.
My Kate raises her glass...
As we ring in 2012, we offer a toast...from our family to yours.

1 comment:

Miss Marissa said...

looks like a successful holiday season!!! MT looks SO grown up :) :) :)