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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Totally Wonderful Day

It's a rare event but it happens...a day with mostly progress and a whole lot of good with all the kids. In this case, I also got the added bonus of a chunk of one on one time with two in particular.

Such fun, I spent the early hours with my oldest two who are in High School. They've been taking mid-terms so they've had time off from school after their tests. These guys are funny and sweet and very smart and when we can avoid the pitfalls of adolescent angst and mood swings, they are delightful company. Today was one of those occasions..it was lunch at the mall and non-stop entertainment as they teased each other, cracked jokes, and strolled through the stores arm in arm with me, their mom! At home, I got help with dinner prep, actual conversation with said teens about their lives (gasp!), and even an invitation to play a videogame with my son...whoa. 16 may be my new favorite age.

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