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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In sickness and in health...

I started feeling sick on Super Bowl Sunday and not just because the Patriots lost. I woke up in the night with violent diarrhea, vomiting, and chills which lasted until...well, about an hour ago. I haven't been able to look at food, much less cook for my family. I haven't been able to leave the bathroom, much less leave the house long enough to drive the kids to school. My DH has been pulling double duty with the AM routine, getting the kids off to school, and taking care of feeding them at night since I've been pretty much incapacitated...not fun for him as he already has a full plate with work but he's been a great nurse and helpmate. (The guy is a real mensch, I'll tell you!) My kids with abandonment issues are also feeling the stress of seeing me sick. I've answered several questions through the bathroom door that went like this:

Tanya: Mom, are you going to be OK?
Me: Yes, baby. I just have a virus, I feel awful right now but I'll be better soon.
Tanya: Mom, don't die, OK?
Me: No worries, sweetie...I'm not going to die...wretch, gasp, vomit
Tanya: Are you sure?
Me: Absolutely! Give me a minute and I'll help you with your homework.

Then there's Aniyar:
"Mom, I like the old house better because you never sick there. This house you always sick. I don't like you be sick"

Well, I guess 3 days seems like always to him. I know it's starting to feel pretty long to me, too.

And Madiyar, who kept popping through the door way of my bedroom last night, just checking on me, shaking his finger at me and sternly admonishing me to, "Get better, Mom!!!

And Kate who did her best to be a mini-me, helping Dad with dinner and other chores, fussing over me and offering me tea...

And even Max who gave me an awkward bear hug and told me it stinks that I'm sick.

It's Wednesday now and I think I can see the light at the end of the viral tunnel. I'm shaky, cold, and weak but at least I managed to crawl out of bed, shower and dress, and drive to the closest grocery store. When I got back home with the frozen chicken pot pie I'll be serving my family for dinner (gag, choke, I won't be eating it but at least I don't have to actually do food prep and risk infecting the rest of the family), I climbed back into bed and picked up my laptop to catch up on emails. Just then, my cell phone pinged, telling me I had a text message. Here's what it said:

Madiyar: Mom, are you feeling better?
Me: Yes, sweetie, I am feeling better, thanks. I even went grocery shopping. Don't get in trouble for using your phone at school! I luv u, Mom
Madiyar: OK, bye :-)

Awww...how sweet is all this? I may be sick...but I am so very lucky to be loved by these wonderful people who are my family. That's the best medicine of all.


Amy-Jean said...

The love of a family is an amazing thing. You have raised a great bunch of kids, Dee. Oh and you have done pretty well raising the hubby too *grin*. Get well.

Anne Kimball said...

Ick. I can't catch what you have by looking at your blog, can I?

Sweet, sweet kids, bless 'em.

Feel better. Don't die....