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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Walking on eggshells...again

Our son is home, very unexpectedly. Around 4:30 Thursday afternoon, I received a call from the CBAT facility telling me that our insurance had refused to authorize additional days of treatment. That meant we needed to come pick up our boy ASAP. I was standing on a lacrosse field an hour away; Craig was at work. There was no discharge plan in place for our child. Our other kids weren't aware of or prepared for our boy's return; neither were we. None of that mattered...our choices were to pick him up or pay out of pocket for 100% of his care, money that we just don't have. Craig left work to bring our boy home... Sadly, our son was as unprepared for the change as we were. He was very upset by the news that he would be coming home so abruptly. He was beginning to show some improvement at the CBAT and he is really trying here at home, has told me he wants to act better...but it's clear he doesn't quite know how to do that. We have no support system in place, are scrambling to set up therapy and services for next week. The school is our best hope right now; they have scheduled a reentry meeting for our son and plan to provide one-on-one support and instruction for him as he transitions back to school on Tuesday. In the meantime, it's a long weekend with no structure, all the kids home, all of us on high alert. The other kids are trying to avoid conflict with our boy as best they can. The girls are being polite but a bit distant; the boys are also polite but are more or less avoiding him, walking out of a room when he walks in. No one wants to trigger one of our boy's rages...no one is sure what else to do. As for our son, he wants to watch TV or sleep; nothing else interests him and he is starting to show signs of stress when asked to do anything else. For now, we are tiptoing around as though we have a sleeping beast in our midst...because we do.


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Yuck...we are praying for you.