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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We're trying to have a normal life...whatever that means

For the past several months, we've been pretty much consumed with the mental health struggles of one of our kids and that's what I've written about here...when I've found the time and energy to write at all. Now that we've had a bit of a respite and our home life is more "normal", my other kids are asking me when I plan to return to writing about more interesting things. Of course, this means I should write about THEM!!! I think they're right...so I'm going to try to highlight the "normal" stuff that's happening with our other 4 kids these days.
For example, lacrosse has entered our lives! Our oldest son joined his school's first-ever lacrosse team this spring and he is now officially obsessed with the sport. In spite of the fact that the team is made up of kids who have never played the game before, they have no home field, their equipment is mostly donated, and they've only played 3 games as a team (all losses), these boys are still having a blast. They're passionate about learning a new sport, they're supportive of each other, and they have a great attitude. They're all calling this the building year, talking about summer lacrosse clinics to learn new skills, and playing indoor lacrosse in the off season to prepare for next year. What more could anyone ask?
As for my boy...he's scored some goals, is wicked fast on the field, and is pretty good at face-off. On the down side, he tends to draw quite a bit of time in the penalty box as well...not afraid to take a hit or to deliver one. On the positive side, he's learning to control his frustration and take his penalties without complaint.
Then there's my new role as a lacrosse mom, driving a van load of kids and equipment to games, sitting in a drizzling rain to cheer the team on...and you know what? It's fun...a welcome break from the mental health advocacy role I've been so focused on lately. Truth be told, lacrosse is turning out to be a good outlet for my oldest boy and his mom.

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