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Friday, June 22, 2012


Today I just don't want to focus on the downside. I refuse to go there. OK, we have a situation with our boy that's tough...but we also have many positives that I don't want to lose sight of. That's where I'm going...

My youngest has completed 6th grade and received an award for the nicest smile. I agree!!! He's a great kid who will be a 7th grader in the fall.

My 10th grader was sure he was going to fail his finals, didn't even want to try to complete them. We had a few minutes of angst and refusal to go to school...then he went in and kicked butt, passed everything and he's now officially a junior in HS!!!

Kate whined about her Spanish 6 final (having completed all her other finals) and then got it done. She's now officially a senior. OMG...What????? OK, we have a few loose ends to tie up...Honor Society induction,awards ceremony, moving on ceremony ,college applications during the summer...I can't breathe. Wait, didn't she just pop out???

My Tanya is graduating from middle school to high school. OMG, where did the years go? Yes, I know I should get a grip and now it's my turn to stop whining...but is it really possible??? Yes, our 8th grader is now a high school student.

I am so blessed to be Mom to these kids.....

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