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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moving on...the bitter and the sweet

This was a day filled with sadness and happiness on so many levels. Here's how the day's events unfolded:

Attended a meeting to redefine our boy's IEP based on his new diagnoses and his increased educational and emotional needs. This will most likely lead to his being moved out of the charter school we love and placed elsewhere where his mental health needs can be addressed in tandem with his academics. Necessary but sad...

My oldest daughter was recognized at an honors brunch for students who had a 95% average in all their classes....YAY!! Unfortunately, I missed the brunch because I was in the IEP development meeting and disappointed my girl...BOO!!

Attended the high school moving on and awards ceremony for my two oldest kids. It was awesome to say the least.

Kate received the 11th grade Science award, the 11th grade Spanish award, 11th grade History award, and the Wesleyan book award. She also was inducted into the National Honor Society and received a significant academic achievement award (think Dean's List). So proud!!!

Madiyar received the 10th grade Male Athlete of the Year award and an academic achievement award (think Honor Roll). Remember the boy who didn't speak English 3 years ago? The one who told me he would always hate school and never do well? Yeah, that's my boy...

Kate and Madiyar are now officially a senior and a junior respectively...YAY!!

The middle school moving on and awards ceremony went on without our boy. He missed the awards, the celebration, the fun...he's also missed over 40 days of school this year due to his hospitalizations. Heartbreaking...

Madiyar interviewed for his first job, a position as a summer camp counselor. After initially freaking out a bit and wanting to bail on the whole process, he conquered his fears and did great. The YMCA will call him tomorrow to let him know if he got the job but it doesn't even matter...so proud of him for trying!

We attended Tanya's 8th grade graduation! In the best academic year she's ever had, our girl maintained grades in the 70's and 80's in all her classes. Remember the girl with short term memory problems due to her FASD? She is now a confident and capable freshman in high school. Woohoo!!!

Got a call from our boy...he was weepy and sad, wants to come home. Doesn't understand why he had to miss his moving on ceremony. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

My son, now 33, missed that moving up ceremony, too, for similar reasons. I understand -- it's hard. I'm sorry.

Miss Marissa said...

your kids are amazing (I'm especially proud of my main man, Madiyar!! He is just one in a million.) I think their amazing and dedicated parents have a LOT to do with their progress and success. I've met a lot of parents of special needs kids in the past couple years... and I can tell you, those kids are incredibly lucky to have parents that love them, push them & advocate for them. I think you and Craig deserve a big round of applause.