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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time flies...

Summer is all but over, 4 of my 5 cherubs started back to school today. We've been on a fast track for the last month...the diva returned from her Grand Tour of Europe and we started college visits. Our boy has done so well that he has been able to return to school with his sibs, fingers crossed for success with new meds and tons of support/therapy for him. The other kids? Awesome, resilient, slowly forgiving our boy for his past aggression. How amazing are these guys anyway?

Last week , we even managed a family vacation to NH with our wonderful friends from PA who also have a passel of kids both bio and adopted from Kazakhstan. I kept our kids out of the first day of school to make this happen and it was worth it...lots of swim time, walks, kayaking, and bonding...a total of 11 hormone-challenged kids of the teen ilk and the 4 adults who have to live with all those hormones.
Madiyar and his best friend in their cool twinsy shirts

These two lived in the lake all week

For the girls, it was texting and napping on the mountain

Did I mention that Craig's mom joined us from Florida, too? Talk about an experience...we're all over the place and this gracious lady hangs in there amidst the chaos as well as I do. So glad Grandma was here to vacation with us!!!! 

Grandma and Kate--Can you see the family resemblance?

Back to the question of just how amazing our kids are...So amazing that they didn't even whine much when our after-vacation fun was back-to-school shopping...clothes, supplies, backpacks, etc.
And as if we didn't have enough happening around here,  the diva celebrated her 17th b-day yesterday...but that's another story that began with 54 and 3/4hrs of labor. Good thing she was worth it...grin.

Our girl is 17 and a senior!!!

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