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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

17 and a junior in HS...

Nine years ago, we met this boy and his little brother when they visited the US.

We even attended his 8th birthday party the day before they flew back to their orphanage in Kazakhstan.

Years went by but we couldn't forget those boys...certainly couldn't forget the 8 year old with the big smile and the devilish glint in his eye. Six years ago, we visited this boy and his brother in Kazakhstan...he was older but had the same smile...same devilish glint, too.

Four years ago, we traveled to KZ again to ask this boy and his brother if they would like to join our family...

Lucky for us, they said yes and became our sons...

This boy is a junior in high school now. He plays sports, stresses about homework, flirts with girls, worries about zits, dreams of a motorcycle, wonders about the future, and delights in teasing his mom...yes, there is an imp behind that devilish glint. He has the mood swings of a hormone-soaked teenager so he can be wonderfully kind, funny, and helpful or grouchy as a bear. In spite of the fact that he's concerned with his "cool" image, he is still willing to hug his mom in public so I can't really complain.

Yesterday, the devilish boy with the big smile turned 17...no more a little boy, almost a man.

He celebrated with a dinner of ribs and steak tips, fries and watermelon, ice cream cake and presents. It was shared with the best of friends...and a family dinner turned into a noisy, chaotic, crazy party that was filled with teasing and laughter. He smiled his great big smile the whole time...and as usual, it lit up the room.

Happy birthday, oldest son...you stole my heart when you were 8 and will keep it forever. I'm so glad you decided to let me be your mom because you are just so darn much fun!


Anne Kimball said...

(shedding tear)
Happy Birthday to a wonderful young MAN!

GB's Mom said...

Awesome post!