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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shhh...don't tell anyone

I have a confession. I'm having trouble letting go of my Christmas spirit. The stockings are still hung by the chimney...the wreaths and garlands still festoon the doors and mantel...and our Christmas tree is still up and shining brightly. At first, I said we were waiting for
Новогодний, New Year's Day being the big holiday our kids celebrated instead of Christmas in Kazakhstan. Then I said we were leaving the tree up until Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 7th...since 2 of our kids are of Russian heritage, that works, right? Now it's just too darn busy around here with everyone back to school and work...wonder if I can make a case for leaving the tree up until Nauryz Meyrami (Persian New Year)? It's a huge holiday in Kazakhstan...and it's on March 21 this year. That might give me enough time to get the job done, right?

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