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Monday, January 14, 2013

Status report

Christmas tree??

 Still up but it has only lights, no decorations. (I packed away the sparklies and treasures today while the kids were at school) Kate says it's naked with just lights. I made a case for returning to its natural state...

Aniyar's bday is tomorrow. My baby is turning 15...going on younger but that's just fine. He's requested Kentucky Fried Chicken for his birthday dinner....huh???...but Dad did a web search and will bring home a KFC couch gating game day meal for our boy. Marketing is a curse...but our boy will be thrilled. Special boy, special effort...

1 comment:

Anne Kimball said...

Happy Birthday to Aniyar, from myself and Natasha. And OK, from the whole gang as well! And for the record? I do not have a problem with KFC. Enjoy!