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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 14...getting closer

See this sign? It says Ridder and it greets us each day as we get to the outskirts of town; it's a welcome sight and the view is pretty terrific, don't you think?

We were up and out of the apartment at 8am again today; it's Sunday so the kids had no school and we could see them from 10-12 again. We had a great visit with both boys...the best part was that Madiyar seemed much more relaxed. He asked us questions about when we would all go to America together and he talked about the last time he flew to the US in 2003. He seems ready for the changes that are coming now...we know it's a lot harder for a 13 year old to make this leap than for a younger child and we're happy that he's beginning to talk to us and work through his feelings. As for Aniyar, he's made it clear he'd be happy to leave with us tomorrow even though he'll miss his friends and teachers.

We got back to Ust about 2pm, ate some lunch and then went for our walk. We shopped for gifts (yes, girls, we bought you really cute hats...no, I won't tell you what they look like...it's a surprise), drank cappuccino (the girl at the Korona didn't even bother to ask me what we wanted today, she just rang up our coffees and we all laughed), visited the toy store to buy more Bionicle robots for the boys, and stocked up on some food for the next few meals. We walked back to the apartment to warm our dinner and were delighted when we got a call from home. Our house in Salem is now pretty full since our kids, Aunt Donna, and Uncle Woody have now been joined by Uncle Dale and his wife. What a party! It was so nice to talk with everyone...almost like being there. Thanks for the call..it's chilly here in KZ but hearing from you guys warmed us right up.

Tomorrow is Monday, October 27...our last day of bonding. We've been here over 2 weeks and are now looking forward to filing our petition to adopt, then court. One more day to go...

Kate, Tanya and Max--Your critters have been really good about staying in Ust and napping while we've been driving to Ridder...but tomorrow, they're going on a road trip. Watch this space for the photos!


Sandi said...


It is hard to believe that the 14 days are done already. Now once you file the papers in court, any idea on how it will take? You sound like you are great and the kids sound like they are holding up well. If you get any pictures of the kids for Halloween and are able to post them we would love to see them. Good Luck tomorrow and we will check the blog to see what is new.

Sandi, Adam, Owen and Ethan

betsy said...

Craig and Dee,
Mark and I are so excited to be able to read your blog and know about your updates. We are praying for you as you go through this next phase of the adoption. love, Mark and Betsy

alphamama said...

Thanks, Betsy! We're so glad you were able to read the blog...thanks for the good wishes, we'll keep you posted. We're getting closer!


alphamama said...

Hi Sandi and Adam--

We're doing just fine and the kids are also great, we talk to them every day or so now that we have our cell phone. It really helps to make things easier for all of us. Craig's sister and brother-in-law have been so wonderful and that's a huge relief, knowing the kids are so well cared for. We'll try to post pics from Halloween...I'd like to see that, too. Love you guys--Dee