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Thursday, October 2, 2008

One week to go!

Well, it's finally October and in just 7 days, we will board our flight to Kazakhstan, leaving our kids at home in the care of Aunt Donna and Uncle Woody, pictured on the left. We are in the throes of final preparation for our journey and also our absence from home for the better part of a month. The documents are prepared, the travel arrangements are reconfirmed, the visas finally arrived, and the financial details have been taken care of. (Thanks, Maria, our wonderful banker who got us those truly beautiful and brand new sequential bills!)

Now I'm turning to packing and preparing the kids for our departure. Understandably, they're all a bit nervous about Mom and Dad being gone for so long but we're talking things out and trying to allay their fears. Here's a sampling of our conversations:

Max: Mom, I don't remember Aunt Donna and Uncle Woody. Are they nice?
Mom: Yes, Max. They are very nice and they will take the very best care of you!
Max: Can Aunt Donna cook?
Mom: Yes, honey...and she knows that you like sauteed onions, too!
Max: Will Uncle Woody like me?
Mom: Uncle Woody is funny and kind and he'll like you because you're funny and kind, too.
Max: Will he play my Dragonology game with me?
Mom: Oh, I'm sure Uncle Woody likes board games...and he likes card games, too.
Max: Can he teach me to play poker?

Tanya: Mom, will you be here for Halloween?
Mom: No, sweetie, we'll be in KZ but Aunt Donna and Uncle Woody and even Uncle Dale will be here for Halloween! Your costume is all ready and hanging in your closet...they'll help you get ready and take you out trick-or-treating.
Tanya: I know Uncle Dale's the best at Halloween stuff so I want him to help me look like a scary witch. Can he help us decorate our living room to look spooky, too?
Mom: I hear he and Aunt Laura are planning to bring some decorations with them...
Tanya: Awesome!!!

Kate: Mom, I'm a little worried about my Algebra homework while you're gone.
Mom: No problem, angel...Aunt Donna is really good at Algebra and Uncle Woody is a math whiz, too!
Kate: Cool! Can I go to the school dance while you're away? And why are boys so immature?
Mom: Sure, you can go to the dance...and ask Aunt Donna about boys, maybe she'll have a better answer than I do!

Max: Mom, can you call me on the phone so you can still read with me sometimes?
Tanya: Mom, will you send me emails?
Kate: Mom, if I need you, can I call you?
Mom: Even though I'll be on the other side of the earth...yes, yes and yes, my silly and wonderful children!

The hardest part of going is leaving our kids behind...and it's harder still for our kids. Kate, Tanya and Max, I'm very proud of you for being so brave! We could never do this without your support....in other words, you totally rock, dudes!! Grin...OK, now that I have mortified our children on the internet, my work is done for this post.

1 comment:

Sandi said...

We hope that you have a safe and great trip. We will keep checking the blog to see how things are going. Good Luck!

Sandi, Adam, Owen and Ethan