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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drum roll, please...

Tada!! It's finally time to go home. Three months after we arrived in Kazakhstan to begin our bonding and after 2 years of waiting, we're finally at the end of this long journey. The boys' paperwork is completed and our last hurdle will be crossed today...we'll head to our interview at the US Embassy at 2:15pm. Our flight leaves 12 hours later, not a moment too soon for any of us.

The boys are excited and probably a bit nervous but they're ready to go. We've spent the past 2 days in the apartment and even they are getting a bit tired of TV and movies. Aniyar and I looked at a book together yesterday and sounded out some English words. He drew me a picture and we practiced counting in English. Then we moved on to paper airplanes and playing soccer with a balloon. Madiyar spent most of the day eating everything in sight and trying to get his brother to wrestle with him when he wasn't continuously changing TV channels...yep, we're all pretty bored.

Last night, the boys went to bed without complaint. In fact, Aniyar was already dozing on the couch before the TV went off. Both boys were asleep within minutes, dreaming of airplanes and America. I woke up 3 times in the night to hear Madiyar talking in his sleep...I remember Max doing the same thing when he first came home...a stream of agitated Russian, a wild eyed look. I rubbed his back and told him he was safe and he was comatose once more.

It's a little after 8:00am here on Wednesday morning. The boys are still asleep and Craig and I are drinking tea. We're enjoying the early morning quiet...the sky is just beginning to lighten (the sun rises late here this time of the year). I can hear cars honking and the morning bustle beginning outside as the city comes to life. Inside our apartment, the bustle will begin soon, too...the boys will get up soon. We'll make a breakfast of eggs, yogurt, and salami. They'll watch TV and Craig and I will begin the process of packing our bags one last time. I'll pick my way over the treacherously icy sidewalks for one last trip to the supermarket where I'll buy just enough food for lunch and dinner, our last meals here in KZ.

We're counting the hours...

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