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Monday, January 12, 2009

Pics from Gotcha day

We promised you pics from yesterday and here they are! We're on our way to Almaty this afternoon, don't know yet where we'll be staying or what our internet access will be like. We'll post as often as we can.

For our kids at home, our international cell phone is not always working...tried to call you guys today and couldn't get through. We'll try again tonight, also will keep trying Skype around the time you guys are getting ready for bed so listen for the call if you can.

How do you like these pics? We have the official photo with the director and Alma, also getting the boys dressed in their new duds...and the warm goodbye as we drove away.


Sandi said...

Great Pictures! The boys look very happy. Hope you and the boys are having a lot of fun!

alphamama said...

Hi Sandi! Thanks, we are having fun. Considering the huge change in the boys' lives, they're doing pretty well...can't wait to get them home.