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Monday, January 12, 2009

Our boys are in the next room!!!

We drove to Ridder before dawn, arriving at the registry office a few minutes before they opened. It took almost 2 hours but we finally got the adoption certificates and new birth certificates that we needed to spring the boys. We arrived minutes later at the orphanage where the boys and the director were waiting for us. We gave the boys their new clothes and set about the business of getting them dressed in enough layers to keep them warm in Antarctica, then we distributed our gifts, said our goodbyes and headed to the car for the long ride back to Ust. The boys were in great spirits and the director told us they've been ready to go for days; there were no tears, only smiles as we left Ridder.

We've had a good day with a few to-be-expected challenges...one episode of car sickness (Aniyar), one episode of pouting (Madiyar), and a fair amount of stalling about going to bed (both boys)...but we've also had several hugs, lots of smiles, and some great manners. In fact, I cooked two meals here in the apartment and the boys jumped up after we were done eating to wash and dry the dishes. Tanya, Kate, and Max, are you reading this? Are we seeing some testing? Yes...but honestly, we would be surprised if we weren't.

Tomorrow we head to Almaty to complete our processing for the US government. We'll do a medical and a visit to the US Embassy; while we're there, we'll also celebrate Aniyar's birthday on January 15. We expect to fly home on Sunday...can't wait!

I can see I'm going to need all my strength to keep up with these two characters...they're still fooling around instead of settling down to sleep...hmmm...and so real life begins. I'm trying to act tough...but it makes me smile just to hear them whispering, just knowing they're finally with us. It also reminds me of our other first nights with our kids...Kate as a newborn, Tanya and Kate giggling together in their bed at the Irtysh Hotel, Max's first night with us and the two or three baths he took just to play in the tub. I'm so grateful to have this first night to add to our list...there were times when we really didn't think we'd get the chance.

Check back tomorrow...right now it's late and some of us (apparently, that means Mom and Dad) need our rest...but we're so darn happy.


Sandi said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your two new boys! We are very happy to hear that they are with you and that they are happy about it. Hope that the rest of the trip is smooth and no problems. We hope that you have a nice celebration and please wish Aniyar a Happy Birthday. We will check back tomorrow for more updates and pictures.

Joann said...

Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you!