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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another fancy dance...

Last night was Tanya's turn to be Cinderella at the ball...her middle school Spring dance. Can you believe that my softball playing tomboy looked like this?

OK, where did my baby girl go?

Here she is with her girlfriends before the dance...too cute!
She went off to the dance with high hopes and romantic dreams. The boy she likes bought a ticket, too...and she had visions of dancing cheek to cheek...but he stayed on the other side of the room all night. He said he didn't know how to dance and he didn't want to learn. She came home a bit crushed...and we had the "Boys are from Mars and girls are from Venus" talk...followed by the "Boys mature slower than girls" talk. She wasn't buying it. Her decision? "Boys are just STUPID!" Poor girl...but...

Considering the way she looked in this dress at only 14...Dad and I are counting our lucky stars for that maturity thing. I'm just sayin...

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