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Monday, June 6, 2011

My new toy

Look what I got for my birthday!

It's a Motorola Xoom wi-fi tablet...just what a busy blogger mama needs. It has great web access and messaging on the go, two cameras, an awesome calendar option, all the Android apps of my phone but with a much more readable screen for my poor old eyes. I'm loving everything about this...and my kids are sooo jealous.

Best of all, it was a gift from my IT guy who provides great tech support. (He's a pretty awesome husband, too.)

BTW, the end of my b-day was absolutely wonderful ...dinner and drinks were prepared by our best friends/next door neighbors so I didn't even have to cook. My spirits were definitely lifted by the lovely ginger-mint martini concoction they placed in my hand at cocktail hour; the perfectly grilled tuna steaks shared with my favorite people sealed the deal on a wonderful evening. (Thanks, Rick, Deb, and Eliz!) The kids were sweet; they gave me delightful homemade gifts from the heart and lots of good smelling things like potpourri and reed diffusers...much appreciated in a house with 5 kids and two dogs. It was a fun dinner with 10 people at our table, lots of good food and laughter. Even our crabby patty child managed to turn things around and join in the celebration...a substantial gift in itself.

Many thanks for the birthday phone calls and facebook wishes from friends, also for the kind words from my blogger buddies. OK, my pity party is officially over...and if I feel the need to vent again, I have a great new Xoom to blog on!

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