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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I spoke too soon...

The hope that I had for a return to "normal" life didn't last long. Our son did manage to finish up his time in a partial hospitalization program and return to school for a half day...but I guess the weekend was too much for him. He almost immediately broke house rules, threatened us all, and became more and more aggressive. I have to think he couldn't face returning to the "real world" where the pressures are just too great for him right now.

My boy is back in the hospital. He needs more help, for his own safety and for ours. The doctors and mental health professionals all agree...but the insurance company doesn't. I spent 11 hours in the ER with him on Monday; most of that time was spent with the psychiatric triage team arguing for inpatient placement, receiving denial after denial for payment, and working their way through the appeal process with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We finally got approval for 2 days of inpatient care and are now fighting for a placement in a Community Based Acute Treatment(CBAT)unit.

A CBAT would give our boy a place to stay where he (and the rest of us) would be safe while he is further evaluated, provided therapy, and stabilized on medications. A CBAT costs a lot less than regular inpatient care so that seems like a no brainer for the insurance but so far, they're refusing to approve it. Their solution is to return our son home to us...so he can go back to school, return to his normal life, go to outpatient therapy once a week. Sure, that will work...until the next time he goes into a rage and we're all at risk again.