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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A sister's perspective on mental illness...

I want to forget, I want to remember.
I feel useless, frustrated, angry.
I feel sad, guilty, relieved.
I want to escape, to not feel like I’m suffocating.

Emotions like poison spread throughout my body.
Lock them up and don’t let anyone see.

We all fear death
But really life
Is much more terrifying.

Latest update:
Our son comes home from the hospital tomorrow...not because he's better but because the insurance has run out for the hospital and there are still no beds available in a CBAT unit. We're scrambling to put a transition plan in place but it's a less than optimal situation. He's been home for 4 hour visits the past two evenings...based on how those visits have gone, we're all concerned that not much has changed. Keep us in your thoughts; we need all the positive energy we can get right now.

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