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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brothers and sons of different mothers

Tonight we have a houseguest. We are having a sleepover of sorts that will last from Friday to Monday. We have set up sleepover central in our living room where all such events take place. There is a pull out couch, a big flatscreen TV, and close proximity to the refrigerator and freezer. Junk food has been provided in the form of Pringles, ice cream sandwiches, etc. It's epic.

So who is the honored guest? None other than my oldest son's best friend from the other side of the earth. Imagine this...these two boys knew each other in Kazakhstan, then both came to America within a few months of each other. Four years later, they're still connected on the other side of the globe. Is that a freakin' miracle or what?

A few years back, these two lived  a very different life that...ahem...shall we say...involved more dark than light...a life with a pretty sketchy future at best. Tonight these two laughed a lot, swapped adolescent boy stories, ate Subway sandwiches, drank soda, and talked about cars and college.They've drawn pictures of pretty girls (Yes, they're both talented artists) and gone for a late night stroll through the snow covered streets.  Now they're watching a movie and eating Pringles like a million or two other kids here in the US. Tomorrow and the next day, they will go to the movies and/or jump on trampolines at SkyZone or find something else to do that's perfect for young men with boundless energy.

Can I just say that tonight I'm so very grateful for both of these young men? Can I just take a moment to count my blessings? Because I have a fair idea of how much each of these guys have been through to get here...and I know how far they've come. Tonight I drove my van home from the city after collecting our guest and listened to them talk in a mixture of 75 % Russian and 25% English...about school, about the future, about hopes and dreams...and they both have their doubts, fears, and questions...but OMG...look at them. They're here, safe and strong and healing...and they still have each other. Grateful doesn't begin to cover it.

Thanks, Anne, for making this happen. Your boy is safe here with us...and very welcomed!


Rooster Inn said...

What a heartwarming story! I am still tingly all over, and just so happy that these two very wonderful young men now have such a great friendship that will continue to flourish. Thank you for sharing! PS Hi James from your G. Aunt Mary:-)

alphamama said...

Thanks for your kind words...yes, the friendship between our boys is pretty special. PS James says hi right back to you!