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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day from a slightly dysfunctional perspective

For most folks, Valentines Day means flowers and chocolates and sweet sentiments. We do all of that too...but in our house where the specter of trauma and abuse colors our interactions, we also celebrate Valentine's Day by giving each other cards with sentiments like this:

It says a lot about how my PTSD kids have shaped my life when I see a card like this and think, "Aww...that's so sweet..."

Happy Valentine's Day from this Trauma Mama to each of you! Hope somebody's got your back, too.


Anne Kimball said...

Oh my God, Trauma Mama. That should totally be the name of your blog!

Love the card....

Denise said...

I saw this and actually laughed. Before I was a trauma mama I would have been appalled. Now...not so much.

You could put it right next to my "I'm sorry I ruined Valentine's Day, because no one should love me" card I got yesterday.