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Monday, March 11, 2013

What's special about today?

Nine years ago today, a judge in the far off land of Kazakhstan gave us a precious gift. Here's what I said in an email to family and friends back then:


At 10:35am on Thursday, March 11, the judge announced his decision re: our petition to adopt Tatyana, a child of the Republic of Kazakhstan and we became parents once again!

It's hard to imagine how we could be any happier...the day we've dreamed of is here and we are so grateful.  The journey was long but worth every step; Kate has her little sister and we have a second bright and beautiful child (strong-willed, too...but we like that in our house!)  We'll be home soon....

Much love, 
            Dee, Craig, Kate, and Tanya

2004: Two of Tanya’s caregivers posed with us on adoption day.
2013: Is Kate sad because Tanya is taller than her now?

Happy adoption anniversary, monkey!!! Everything I said back then is still true...the journey to you was worth every step and then some. You're even more bright and beautiful...and still strong-willed too, Miss Sassy pants...grin.

All my love, Mom

1 comment:

Anne Kimball said...

Oh happy day!
I didn't know she and James shared a day....it's his birthday!