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Monday, February 15, 2010

I Heart New Hampshire!

OK, so the house selling thing is still driving us crazy...we've had offers, accepted one even, but we're still quibbling over conditions. In the meantime, the house is still being shown in case someone else makes us a better offer. Doesn't matter much to me as I'm otherwise occupied.

We're in the White Mountains, in Lincoln, New Hampshire, where we have a vacation condo. We arrived here Saturday afternoon and have been partying ever since. This is Winter vacation week so the kids have no school; we have the whole week to play, sled, swim, and do whatever else we feel like. We brought enough food to fill the fridge here but it won't last long. So far, we've had pasta casserole and garlic bread for dinner last night, bagels for breakfast, fried chicken and mac n' cheese for lunch. I made homemade bean soup for our dinner along with Valentine's day brownies. The kids went ice skating in the morning and then we dropped them off for a movie in town while Craig and I stole a couple of hours alone together. We bought a bottle of champagne to have with a special chocolate cake we brought with us. It's called Chocolate Lover's Cake, very appropriate for Valentine's Day as it's pretty decadent.

We had dinner last night, then ran off to swim in the pool. After that, we had brownies and ice cream, cake and bubbly, followed by movies. It was a fun evening that ended too soon. Too bad Craig had to go to work today...he left us around 4:30am and is now returning to us after a long day. The kids and I amused ourselves as best we could in his absence. We went on a off-road adventure this afternoon, it was a blast driving through the woods and up a mountain in a safari vehicle, then driving down "The Hill of Death". We returned to the condo, ate a quick dinner, then the kids spent 2 hours in the pool. Currently everyone is watching TV or a movie and enjoying more brownies and ice cream.

Not much snow yet but we are supposed to get some tomorrow...we are hoping to use our snowshoes and also go ice skating or snow tubing. We love being here in the North country, no worries until we return home on Friday.


Anonymous said...

hi dee. i so love reading your blog and keeping up with your many adventures. we think of you all and especially a & m often. hugs to all 5 of your amazing kids!
katy boc boc

farmbeachgal said...

Sounds amazing, Dee! Enjoy your kids ....