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Monday, February 8, 2010

Too low...

The offer we were hoping for was not to be..."the folks" liked our house but wanted us to give it away. We said no and had two more showings over the weekend. So far, no luck. Then we got a request from "the folks" for a 3rd showing...seems they looked at other things over the weekend and nothing was as nice as ours. We'll take another swipe at this at 6pm tomorrow...I just love showings during the dinner hour...not.

Sigh...this house selling stuff is getting old. On Friday, we're out of here, headed to our condo in New Hampshire for winter vacation. We'll sled and ice skate and forget the world for a while. Madiyar thinks he'd like to try snow boarding and Craig is talking about skiing. Tonight at dinner, we discussed what everyone wants to eat while we are in the North Country...it seems I need to pack hot dogs, pasta casserole, fruit, eggs, popcorn, and 5 gallons of milk. Can't wait...as for the house...well, it'll keep until we've had sledding and s'mores and a break from school and work.

One year ago, we had 2 new sons who had been in the country only a few weeks...and 3 kids who weren't sure where we were all headed. Now we have 5 kids who feel and fight and play like they have been together forever. Not bad...