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Friday, April 29, 2011

Big kids and Easter

I planned to post these Easter photos earlier...but I got some grief from my big boys who were worried about their reputation. "No, Mom....you're gonna put us all over the internet and people will think we're little babies dying eggs!!" Then they saw pics from some of my blog buddies showing their teens doing the egg dying and hunting thing. Now apparently, it's cool and I am no longer under a gag order...so here are the pics from our Easter activities.

Dying eggs with our friend, Maleah

Mr. Cool shrink wraps an egg in a bunny wrapper...shhh...don't tell anyone!

Tanya shrink wrapped her egg in fluffy yellow chicks.
Our neighbors hid a ton of candy-filled plastic eggs for the kids to find.
Shhh...don't tell a soul that you saw Mr. Cool on the hunt.

Kate was the first one to fill her basket with eggs...notice anything different about that victory smile? No more braces!!!
We shared cooking duties with our best friends/neighbors. Many hands make light work and a great meal; there were eleven of us for Easter dinner!


farmbeachgal said...

Yes, but are the Peeps stale enough for consumption yet?

alphamama said...

The peeps are being tested on a daily basis...still not perfection according to our stale peep test kitchen but getting close.