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Monday, April 25, 2011

Moses and the Ten Comments

Last night, my 6th grader asked me to type his Social Studies paper. He was asked to compare and contrast three religions. He worked hard on it and had some good information but I particularly liked this:

"The Jewish people have rules called the 10 comments."

This from my boy who struggles with authority, who hates to be "bossed around", who thinks kids should always be able to do just what they want without parental/adult interference. I close my eyes and try to envision what he was thinking when he wrote this. I get an image of Moses receiving stone tablets and God's booming voice saying, "Here you go, dude...just a few suggestions...if you don't mind...whenever you get around to it...thanks." Oh, yeah.....I can see it.

My DH thinks it was just a spelling error....I think not.

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