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Monday, May 16, 2011

In Another Life...

A lifetime ago, I lived alone
In a very tidy townhouse
On a very wide, sunny beach
And I loved my solitude…mostly

I ate my favorite foods in my favorite restaurants
I never cooked unless I felt like it
I didn’t feel like it very often
And I loved my culinary freedom…mostly

I wore expensive suits and heels to work
And traveled a lot for business
I stayed in fancy hotels and had adventures
And I loved my fast-paced career woman life…mostly

My house was never messy and I was very well organized
I never ran out of toilet paper or milk or bread
No one else ever got to use the TV remote
And I loved my feeling of control over my universe…mostly

I stayed up late when I felt like it
And slept in whenever I wanted
I was only responsible for myself, no one else
And I loved my complete lack of responsibility…mostly

And now?
My life is always noisy, often chaotic, and extremely short on solitude
I feel like I’m a short order cook in a restaurant
I don’t have a single fancy suit in my closet and I traded in my heels for sneakers
My travel is now limited to the taxi service I provide via my aging minivan
I have given up on the illusion of control…and I never get a chance at the TV remote
My middle name has been changed to responsible party

My other names are:
Dispenser of justice/ Warden
Cheerleader/ Advocate
Social director
Go to person for all things lost
Tutor/Spiritual Guide

My first name is Mom
And I love my life…completely

1 comment:

KJ Schena said...

This is beautiful!