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Monday, May 23, 2011

Screenless Sunday

It was a rainy day.
Some of us were being cranky, pouty, sulky teenagers off and on.
Some of us were considering running away from home to join the circus.
All of us were wistfully longing for the soothing presence of mind-numbing screens.
Some of us (well, OK, one of us) refused to give in to the TV and videogame zombies that suck my kids' brains the other 6 days of the week!! 
(Ahem...sorry about that, I'm better now.)
We made soft pretzels....from a mix so it wasn't too challenging for my stressed state of mind. In fact, they were easy and fun...and for a short time, my surly teens surrounded my work island, rolling, twisting, and forming their own creations. They salted, sugared, dipped them in butter, or covered them in chocolate sauce. All was right with the world. No brains were devoured. All the pretzels were.

God bless you, Auntie Anne!

No, Auntie Anne's Pretzels didn't pay me to say this; in fact, they don't know I exist...but I figured I owed them one for saving our brains.


Hevel said...

Just a quick question. Would eBook readers be okay for screenless Sundays, or are they a big no-no as well? We are trying to do something similar on our Shabbat, but since we are not completely electronics free on that day, I though the e-books would be okay, especially since we have 400 ebooks we all want to read.

Joann said...

Chloe had a great time making pretzels with your kids - and they were fantastic! (I think it was the butter and salt - how can you go wrong?)

alphamama said...

Hevel--Thanks for stopping by and asking about our Screenless Sundays. I think eBook readers would be fine, anything to encourage reading!

Our goal was to get the kids engaged with us and each other more and to get them off the couch. We allow Ipods and other mp3 players for music...but no music videos, computer or video games, TV or movies. Since we started this, our kids have discovered board and card games, jigsaw puzzles, arts and crafts, and outdoor play. They're all reading more, too...and they have discovered cooking can be fun.

The screenless thing takes some planning on my part. I try to have some interesting activities or plans in mind for each Sunday...but it's so worth it!