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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My DH is MIA

My husband has been on a business trip all week which makes appreciate him all the more. Here's just a little of what I'm missing:
  • My morning life-giving latte which he brings to my bedside each morning. (Yes, I'm spoiled.)
  • The extra hour of sleep I usually get because he gets up at 5:30 to feed the dogs, make the coffee, and get our youngest out of bed. (Definitely spoiled.)
  • The way he waits for the bus with our youngest each morning so I can be getting breakfast for the rest of the kids. (He's a good Dad.)
  • The vitamins he gives me each and every day. (I suspect he does this out of self-defense, hoping I won't sicken and die, leaving him alone with the children.)
  • His role as technical support guru for our family. (If anything electronic  breaks this week, it stays broken until the IT guy returns.)
  • Our nightly family dinner! (I'm feeding the kids earlier than normal and allowing them to eat in shifts to accommodate our schedule of parent-teacher conferences, softball games, etc. I like it better when we're all seated at our crazy and chaotic dinner table together.)
  • The laughter we share every day...and the fact that we share the struggles, too.
  • His touch, his kiss, his....oops, sorry, the teenagers are yelling, "Mom! Ewwww, gross! TMI!!!". I'll stop now.
Come home soon, sweetie. We miss you!

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