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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another kid from Kazakhstan

See the boy in this very blurry picture? He's my son Madiyar's best friend...and he's from Kazakhstan, too. This was taken while we were in KZ adopting our boys and Borya was also in the process of being adopted. He wasn't a Kidsave kid but he was definitely a boy who stole his American mom's heart at about the same age/time that my Madiyar and Aniyar stole mine. Just like my boys, it took years of trying to bring him home...well worth the wait and he brought a fab little sister with him to boot...oops, once again, I digress. Borya lives in Pennsylvania now but he's currently visiting us here in MA. The two boys are spending a month together, the first two weeks here with us and the next two weeks at Borya's home.

Here the boys are as we drove from PA to MA just last weekend. They're big 16 year olds now, not the 8 year old boys their moms met and fell in love with...but they're still in touch with each other and that's important, especially for these boys whose family consisted of their group mates in the orphanage system. Maybe it's not such a big world after all if we can keep this connection alive...and wait until you see what (or who) else we have coming up this weekend!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Yes it is awesome that they stay n touch. :)