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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Max’s birthday!

Our middle boy turned 14 on Saturday and we celebrated in high style for a teen boy. I’d say it was definitely a successful b-day for a boy whose favorite things are shoot-em-up stuff, video games, and food. 

  • We started the celebration with a lunch trip to the Willows, an old-fashioned amusement park here in town.
  • Later there was a birthday dinner designed just for our boy…mostly meat. Max loves barbecued pork ribs so he got a full rack of his very own and a promise that for one night, Mom wouldn’t nag him to eat his veggies. The rest of us shared ribs, fried chicken, fresh fruit, and green salad.
  • After dinner came presents and that’s when the real fun began…because Max got the coolest water guns ever, an Xploder 1000 and an Xploder blaster.
    • These babies work a lot like air-soft paintball guns but they shoot water-soaked gel pellets.
    • The pellets are biodegradable, good for the garden soil, and don’t hurt like paintballs…in short, a Mom approved weapon!
    • The other kids were gracious but green with envy when Max opened his gifts. Oh, don’t worry…Mom had a plan to cheer them up.
    • Since it’s not much fun to have a water gun fight alone, his siblings each got blasters of their own and a mega battle ensued. Even Dad was in on the action! There was shooting, screaming, little blue water balls all over the yard…and laughter that rang throughout the neighborhood. The fun went on until dusk, about the same time they all ran out of ammo.
Only his 6th. birthday with us, his first 8 being spent in Kazakhstan...I like to think we've had almost enough time with him to offset some of the trauma he suffered in his early years. I hope when he's grown, his happy memories outweigh his sad ones. For now, I'll bask in the comment he offered that this was his best birthday ever...

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