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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Email woes

Remember the days when we didn't have cell phones or email accounts or any other electronic communication tethers? Remember when our only phone had a cord attached to our house and we shared the service with our neighbors on a party line? Remember when we still got handwritten letters in the mailbox attached to our house? I do...which just reveals how old I am, I guess...but I'm the first one to admit that I don't miss those good old days much.

I love my cell phone and I'm pretty sure email and internet access make it possible for me to survive. That's why I'm struggling a bit at the moment. You see, our email access is frozen, the result of a series of nasty SNAFU's with our local cable company that began when we moved to our new house. We have a great bundle package that brings us our cable TV, our email accounts, our land line phone, and our internet access which works really well...until it doesn't...which would be now.

If you're trying to reach any of us at our regular email addresses, the messages are disappearing into a black hole. Maybe someday we'll be able to retrieve them. We're working on it with our friends at Comcast. Until then, you can email me at (my alternate email account)...or you could write us a letter. How much are postage stamps these days anyway?

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