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Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolution

There are quite a few resolutions I could make this year...things like eating healthier, taking up yoga, losing weight, and being better organized all come to mind...but the one resolution I've made for 2011 is to be more patient with my kids. (There, I've put it in print so I'm committed to it!)

This may not sound like a big deal. After all, we're blessed with good kids in general so how hard can it be to exercise patience with them? I'm an adult, right? I understand that kids (especially teens) are learning, changing, and growing every day. I know that they need positive reinforcement and a calm, positive role model to help shape them into responsible adults who have good self-esteem. I know this...and I try...but all too often I fall short of the mark. This year, I'm resolved to do less yelling and lecturing and provide more positive direction. I'm really trying. Like the other morning...

All the kids were in the Mom van for the ride to school except one. We waited for several minutes for the missing child to appear...when he did, he said he couldn't find his backpack. I rolled down the window and told him it was in the dining room. After several more minutes, he returned to the door and said he couldn't find his backpack. (Uh, yeah, that's what you were supposed to be looking for, right?) I jumped out of the car muttering something that sounded like a request for divine intervention and escorted said child on a search of the house. Nope, no backpack in the dining room. Hence the following discussion.

Mom: You must have moved it...did you take it upstairs?  
Son:  NO!!! I looked there and it's GONE!! 
Mom (practicing deep, calming breaths): Well, let's look together.
Son: It's not there!!! I told you!!! Someone stole it!!
Mom: Really? What's that big backpack shaped thing on the floor of your room?
Son: Oh.
Mom (silently screaming in her head): AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

This morning wasn't much better. My youngest couldn't find his shoes.

Son: Somebody maybe stole them, Mom!
Mom (sighing):  Yes, I've heard there's a ring of smelly sneaker thieves on the rampage in our community...but just in case, why don't you look in the basement where you were playing videogames last night?
Son: I look already!!! They not there!!! I tole you, somebody stole them!!!
Mom (again with the calming breaths): Let's look together...hmmm, what are those next to the Wii?
Son: Oh.
Mom (silently screaming in her head): AARRGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I am woman. Hear me roar. I have a uterus, also known as a locator device for all things lost...just ask my kids. I am resolved to be a kinder, gentler, more patient mom in 2011...but my tongue sure hurts from biting it.               

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