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Monday, January 31, 2011

Someone please shoot me...

Don't be fooled by the pretty face.
More snow predicted this week, a few inches tomorrow and as much as 12 more inches on Wednesday. The kids are already counting on a snow day or two. I see orthodontist appointments, therapy appointments, and my interpreting jobs disappearing under a blanket of white.

Sigh...have I mentioned that I used to live in a townhouse on the beach? (This is the point where my kids all groan and say "Not the townhouse on the beach in Florida story again, Ma!") Well, it's true...I used to have a snowless life. I didn't own a snow shovel. I didn't even have a winter coat. I used to sit by the pool in January, working on my winter tan.

No, I wouldn't trade my life...but moving all I hold dear to someplace warm is looking pretty good right now. Beam us up, Scotty. Before tomorrow, please.


Anonymous said...

not to rub it in, but 72 and sunny today :)


alphamama said...

See...that's just the kind of thing I used to say to my frozen friends in the north while I was sitting by the pool. Just desserts, I guess.