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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My baby is a teen...

Our youngest child turned 13 the other day, bringing the total of teens in our family to five. Count them, 5!!! teenagers. Oy, the hormones are thick in our house...but that's the subject of another post.

Here's how our boy celebrated his big day:

Aniyar decided he wanted take-out Chinese for his birthday dinner, a choice endorsed by one and all (especially Mom who didn't have to cook!)
His birthday cake was (of course) an ice cream cake. To make the day really special, he had an ice cream cupcake for breakfast, too. This is Aniyar's idea of heaven.
Dinner and cake were followed by gifts, mostly Beyblade tops and accessories. Aniyar likes to duel his friends at recess in Beyblade battles; now he has an impressive collection. The gift he liked best was a new videogame and a used Nintendo DS (his original one died a few months back and he's been without...horrors!) One of his favorite computer games, Plants vs. Zombies, was just released for the DS so that was the big thrill. He danced all around the room when he got it...and I have to admit, even Mom likes this game. He also really enjoyed getting birthday cards in the mail from our relatives...and finding a little cash in them was even more exciting. (Thanks, everyone!)

Our special boy had a happy day, full of fun and smiles. It was very ordinary as birthday celebrations go...and anyone who knows the struggles our boy had when he first joined our family knows how grateful we are for ordinary.


farmbeachgal said...

Happy Birthday Aniyar!
Hold on to whatever remaining sanity you have, Dee! Five teens. Ouch! I'll be joining you in those numbers in 3 mths. Woe is me. Woe is we.

Pepper, Turning Winds said...

I'm glad Aniyar enjoyed his special day. I can't imagine having 5 teenagers at one time, I still have two little toddlers and they're already a handful! I'm sure you're such a great mom because your teenagers seem very happy despite the hormones. Lol!
It's hard to think there are troubled teenagers out there who lack parental guidance. I hope our children won't end up like them. Heaven forbid!
Thank you for sharing this big day. I wish you well!