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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleepovers and visits with friends

The view from my bedroom window
We've been very busy this weekend, trying our best to combat cabin fever after our latest big snowstorm. Friday was yet another snow day, no school here...I believe the kids have actually been out of school more than in since January began. We've also had a lot of slush and some rain and sleet, all of which froze solid. Then we got about 3-4inches of pretty white fluffy stuff that covered the treacherous ice. Lovely to shovel until you hit the part that requires a jackhammer...but I digress.

This weekend, our kids have played in the snow, visited and entertained friends, gone sledding, watched movies, played games, gone to the library, and whined about how bored they are. Bored??? Just last night, we picked up Tanya's friend Anna for a sleepover.
Anna and Tanya

The girls slept in the living room on our sofa bed; they watched movies on our new TV, ate popcorn and ice cream, stayed up late and giggled a lot. This morning, they watched more movies and giggled, ate pancakes and bacon, and listened to music in Tanya's room. They had a blast...but that's yesterday's news now so poor Tanya is bored.

Cara and Kate

Kate, on the other hand, was bored last night but is in hog heaven tonight; her friend Cara arrived for a sleepover a couple of hours after Anna left. They've already moved into the living room space, chowed down on pizza, and are doing makeovers and watching movies on our new TV. (I wonder if Mom and Dad will ever get a chance to watch the new TV???) Between the girls' sleepovers, Max went sledding and then had his friend Zach over for a visit. He is now campaigning for a sleepover next weekend because, "I never get to have any fun, Mom!!!".

Aniyar and Madiyar begged to be allowed to get a haircut today...now that's boredom...but they both look quite handsome, anyway.
Madiyar and Aniyar

As I write this, I hear more laughter, both from the boys and the girls. There seems to be a lot of activity in our house again tonight...and boredom never sounded so much like fun.


Marissa said...

Oh my gosh!! They boys look SO grown up with their new haircuts!! :) Dee, as always I love reading your posts! You're a fabulous writer and I love staying up to date on Madiyar and the gang. Please tell my little "best friend for life" I say hello!


alphamama said...


It's so nice to hear from you, hope you're doing well. Yes, doesn't Madiyar look older? It's kind of scary but he's loving it. He just finished midterms and is very proud of himself! He told me he misses you but he holding it together pretty well. I think he's handling change better these days. I'll tell him you said hi...and thanks for leaving the message.

Love, Dee