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Monday, March 14, 2011

I've had homework...

Sorry I'm behind on my blogging but I've been busy. It's the end of the trimester and I've had exams to prepare for. In 7th. grade, I'm working hard in Life Science on heredity and genetics and I'm killing myself in Ancient Civilization keeping Sumeria, Egypt, and Israel straight. My 6th grade report on Africa, especially Mali and its ethnic groups, took more time than I expected but it's shaping up nicely. My 9th grade math trimester final is thankfully behind me! My 10th grade work in English is done, I just need to be an editor and proofreader there. Then there's 5th grade math, the stem and leaf plot method (HUH?)...I think that's the most confusing of all.

For my special needs kids, I'm the at home tutor, not quite homeschooling but I work with the teachers to modify the curriculum for my kids who need the extra support. That means I create study guides, give practice quizzes, assist in preparing reports and presentations...and act as primary cheerleader for 3 of my kids who are sure they won't succeed. That means I'm lending my brain and my organizational skills as needed for my kids who are struggling academically while also giving moral support to my kids who are on grade level. This is also the time of year when we begin MCAS, the state mandated testing of our kids' academic skills. The class schedules are whacked and the stakes are high. The pressure is on for both teachers and students. No stress for the kids with PTSD and anxiety issues who reeaally don't do change well. Jeez, I hate this time of year!

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