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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The perks of being sick...

OK,  the actual being sick part stinks which is why when my kids aren't feeling well, I tend to spoil them a bit. Tanya was the "lucky" winner of a day in Mom's big comfy bed most recently; she's had a cold, also spiked a temp of 100.7 at school on Monday and ended up going to the doctor yesterday to be tested for strep throat. (Fortunately, her throat culture was negative...I was imagining all 5 of my kids with strep...not a pretty picture.)

Speaking of pretty pictures, here's a visual diary of Tanya's sick day:

An Ipod, a cool cloth for the fever, and an attentive nurse work wonders.

A healthy snack helps, too...oatmeal cookies, apples & peanut butter...and girl scout Thin Mints

After the visit to the doctor, Tanya and her nursing staff rested on our porch in the sun...

I knew Tanya was feeling better when she picked up my camera and started taking the pictures. Back to school, girl...but I loved hanging out with you and helping you feel better!

1 comment:

alphamama said...

Hi mommy.. I love it when you put up photos of me!! And GUESS WHAT?? I don't know i thought you might come up with something.. hahah sorry but anyways I am feeling much better but i still have a cough and a runny nose can you help me put pic on my blog cause I want to do that too. I love you mommy... LOL hahah look im typing fast hahahh lol bye love you